Evil Ernie

Real Name: Ernest Fairchild

Identity/Class: Undead human mutant

Occupation: Agent of Death

Affiliations: Lady Death

Enemies: Dr. Leonard Price

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Evil Ernie #1 (Eternity Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Undead, which means that most injuries won't even slow him down. He is telepathic, and is able to re-animate and control the dead.

History: Ernest Fairchild's metamorphosis into Evil Ernie began years ago when he manifested telepathic powers as a child. The ability to hear the thoughts of others and sometimes even affect others with his own mind scared and confused him, causing him to appear unusually withdrawn. His abusive parents were infuriated by his behavior, and after years of cruelty they took him to a psychiatrist, Dr. Leonard Price. Price subjected Ernest to his experimental dream probe, which was designed to treat withdrawal by modifying the mental state of the patient.

But because of his telepathic abilities, the dream probe created a connection between Ernest's mind and the Endless Graveyard, where he met Lady Death. Lady Death had been searching for a boy like Ernie to carry out her plans on Earth for a long time. She promised to love him forever if he did.

The dream probe also increased Ernie's telepathic abilities to such a degree that he could no longer block out the thoughts of his neighbors. He now knew that they were aware of the abuse, but had done nothing to stop it. With nowhere to turn, Ernie went over the edge, killing his parents and 35 neighbors before being captured. Judged to be insane, he was incarcerated at the Clearview Mental Institution under the care of Dr. Price. Five years later, a brilliant medical researcher, Dr. Mary Young, attempted to cure Ernie using her experimental device, Neurotech, which had been designed to purge a psychopath's killing urge - changing him into a citizen ready for socialization. Unfortunately, this procedure also went awry, and due to the supernatural tampering of Lady Death, transformed Ernie into an undead teenage capable of re-animating and controlling the dead. Ernest Fairchild died that day, but Evil Ernie was born. Even though he was destroyed soon after, he quickly came back more powerful than before, with even better control of his Army of the Undead. Since then, Evil has been carrying out Lady Death's mission of Megadeath - the destruction of all life on Earth!

Comments: Evil Ernie started "life" at Eternity Comics before moving on to Chaos Comics. Unlike most of their other characters he doesn't seem to favour wearing a bikini all the time - I can't think why not.

Ernie's skull and crossbones smiley face is a "living" being in its own right. When Lady Death transformed Ernie into an unstoppable killing machine, Smiley, The Psychotic Button served a critical role in this transformation, and continues to aid Evil Ernie in his fight against the living. By acting as Evil's link to an arcane power source, Smiley provides Evil with the ability to receiver from virtually any injury. He is also capable of thought and motion independent of Evil for a short time. Part manifestation of Evil's psyche, part demonic energy, Smiley's complete origin is as yet unknown.


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