Membership: Argento (Michele “Mike” Argento), Danger (Dolph Dongen), Deep Sight (Jane Melville), Key (Geyr Kluge), Nuage (Silvie Rouge), Picaro (Antonio Rey), Tiger (Hughes Aït-Kaci)

Purpose: To survive.

Affiliations: François Borillon; formerly Euromind (European section of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Enemies: A.I.M., Lords of War, Euromind

Base of Operations: Unrevealed; formerly Euromind base, Spain

First Appearance: Europa #0 (Marvel Italia, April 1996)

History: When elite intelligence agency SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division) was temporarily disbanded after Deltite Life Model Decoy infiltration, a European subdivision remained active as Euromind; though it later rejoined the re-formed SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate), fears that SHIELD might again fall to internal corruption saw Euromind retain its independent UN funding and autonomy under former UN Blue Beret François Borillon’s directorship, answering only to a SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) council. Borillon assembled Eurolab, a scientific recon team to study paranormal phenomena, and SHIELD lent him Task Force, rapid-response combat specialists. Led by former SHIELD science officer Key, a Berliner with an intuitive grasp of science, Eurolab’s members included Danish energy-generating mutant Danger; Deep Sight, a Briton rebuilt after an explosion with Adamantium cybernetic parts; interspecies communication expert Nuage, a French telepath and telekinetic; and technological communications specialist Picaro, a Spanish mutant able to generate a debilitating energy field. Dutch SHIELD veteran Dragonfly (Cornelia van der Valk) headed Task Force, consisting of youthful Lichtenbader mutant Blue Condor (Emilie Scholz), who could increase gravity around her limbs; Italian tactician Argento; French-Algerian Tiger, an invulnerable ex-mercenary who had gained his powers from enemy experiments while captured; and ex-Canadian Special Forces operative Iceboy (Hamish Carlyle). Key viewed Task Force as heavy-handed barbarians devoid of scientific values; Dragonfly, in turn, resented her unit “baby-sitting a Boy Scout troop.” While jointly investigating monster sightings at a Spanish archaeological dig, they discovered descendants of Inhumans thrown by the Inquisition into an underground cave system to die, who had survived by feasting on dead Skrulls from a similarly disposed of crashed spaceship; transformed into monstrous metamorphs, they preyed on Moloid Subterraneans, until the Euromind teams came to the Moloid’s aid.

When a jet splashed down off the Italian coast after a passenger transformed into a monster, Eurolab was sent in to investigate and evacuate survivors. Danger found the metahuman trapped in the wreckage, but he refused to be rescued, insisting on dying rather than risking recapture by the people behind his metamorphosis. Meanwhile, investigating a UFO crash in Malaysia, Task Force discovered mutated corpses wearing the insignia of French multinational Nadir, Inc. Moments later, the Lords of War — Japanese cyborg mercenaries Sakuragi, Kaneda and Oda — ambushed Task Force, capturing Iceboy, killing Dragonfly and Blue Condor, and somehow triggering in Argento an ability to harness a range of mystic energies. Back at base, Key and Tiger learned that SHAPE had ordered a halt to investigations of the mutates’ origins; suspecting corruption amongst their superiors and intent on rescuing Iceboy, Eurolab and the Task Force survivors fled the base. Doctored video evidence was used to frame the errant squads for murdering agents who had tried to stop their departure; though Borillon soon saw through the ruse, he was unable to prove the truth. The two squads, now united as Euroforce, penetrated Nadir’s Malaysia HQ, discovering it was an AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) front. While the bulk of the team held off both AIM agents and the Lords of War, Tiger and Key breached the maximum security section to find a dramatically transformed Iceboy. His gestation tank inadvertently broken open by AIM agents, Iceboy slaughtered them, but died seconds later because the mutation process had been interrupted. A reunited Euroforce fled Nadir’s base, but their plane exploded when the Lords of War attacked. Euroforce survived, but Borillon informed SHAPE they had perished, leaving them free to operate covertly until they could prove their innocence and expose the traitors in Euromind and SHAPE.

Comments: Created by Xavier Marturet and Paco Diaz.


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