Eric Summers

Real Name: Eric Summers

Identity/Class: Human, mutated by Kryptonite and lightning

Occupation: Student at Smallville High

Affiliations: Ian Randall, Van McNulty

Enemies: Clark Kent

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents

Aliases: Superboy (so nicknamed by Chloe Sullivan)

Base of Operations: Smallville

First Appearance: Smallville #12 "Leech" (WB, 12th February 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Can absorb Clark's powers when the two of them come into contact; however, kryptonite and electricity are required for the process to work, and a repeat of the process will transfer the powers back into Clark (unknown at this time whether he can absorb the powers of other metahumans, or if his power is only effective on Clark)

History: (Leech) Originally, Eric was just a normal, slighty shy student at Smallville High with a crush on a beautiful blonde girl called Holly. However, that all changed when he and Clark were struck by lightning while he was holding a chunk of kryptonite; somehow, the lightning transferred Clark's superpowers to him, leaving Clark with only the strength and abilities of an ordinary man.

At first, Eric used his powers to do good in a manner far more open then Clark used to, thwarting a mugging in the street, but things started to go wrong from there on in; his parents were nervous around him, his father wanted him to have 'tests', and Holly treated him like a freak after he nearly tore a street apart after her boyfriend yelled at him for asking her out. With no other option, Clark was forced to take a Kryptonite rock attached to Lana's necklace and use it against Eric, in the hope that Eric would have absorbed his weaknesses as well as his strengths. The rock trick worked, but things could have gone badly if a second lightning bolt hadn't struck Clark and Eric again, reversing the original process. Eric was carted off to a hospital after that, and was apparently then transferred to an asylum which housed some of Clark's other old foes.

(Asylum) Eventually, Eric 'befriended' another old adversary of Clark; Ian Randall, a boy who could create a copy of himself, and the two of them approached Van McNulty, a man who had tried to kill off anyone exposed by the Kryptonite rocks, offering him their help in exchange for information on Clark's weaknesses. He got a sample of kryptonite smuggled in for them, but then Ian killed Van and tricked Clark into coming into the hospital where they were being held. While Ian used the kryptonite to hold Clark back, Eric managed to absorb Clark's powers, but then wasted time attacking Ian, after deciding that he didn't need Ian's help anymore. This distracted him long enough for Clark to get the kryptonite and use it to take Eric down and take his powers back. Eric's present whereabouts are unknown; presumably he's still in the asylum.

Comments: Played by Shawn Ashmore.

Profile provided by David Spence.

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