Real Name: Dexter Mungo

Identity/Class: Human / ghost hybrid

Occupation: School pupil

Affiliations: Saint Sinner; Cyrano de Bergerac; Edgar Allen Poe; James Dean; Janis Joplin

Enemies: The Expurgatorious; Brother Tom Augustine; Brother Ice Augustine; Sir Sigmoid

Known Relatives: Josephine Mungo (mother); Leo Mellhart (father, deceased)

Aliases: Dex

Base of Operations: New Orleans, Earth and the Ectosphere

First Appearance: Ectokid #1 (Marvel Comics Razorline imprint, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Able to see and interact with the Ectosphere.

History: Dex Mungo's mother Josephine was a clairvoyant, dabbling in the developing her psychic powers. She made contact with the Ectosphere, a dimension of ghosts which exists in the same physical space as our world, but outwith our perceptions; and she managed to bring one of the ghosts, Leo Mellhart, there across into our reality. When Leo had been alive he had developed a mystical device called the Aurat, which would allow the living to enter the Ectosphere. He had been murdered by the Expurgatorious, an unholy alliance of groups such as the Church who wished to deny humanity access to the Hereafter. Back in the Here, the land of the living, Leo and Josephine fell in love, but such a relationship is forbidden, and soon the spirit police of the Ectosphere, the Etherites, came to drag Leo back. Josephine suffered a complete mental breakdown and was hospitalised: a few months later she gave birth to a son.

As Dex grew up it became clear he wasn't like other children. When he turned thirteen he began to suffer blinding headaches and blurring of his sight; this turned out to be merely a symptom of his developing powers. His right eye, controlled by the left side of his brain, continued to see our world; but his left began to see things slightly differently. Physical structures such as buildings still looked similar, with all the pieces in the same places, but they started to look like they were encrusted, until some of them looked like they were made of coral. More radical were the inhabitants of this other realm - by the time Dex was fourteen he could see fully into the realm of the Ectosphere, the world of ghosts, poltergeists, imps, succubi, and all the other horrors that go bump in the night. Dex was living in both worlds simultaneously, and to many in the Ectosphere, a living soul in their world is to be considered a rich and tasty food source.

Now Dex faces threat from both that world and his own, as the Expurgatorious have targetted him also, believing he can give them the Aurat his father had created while alive.

Comments: Created by Clive Barker, but the regular series was written by Larry Wachowski, who would later co-write The Matrix.


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