Real Name: Vanth Dreadstar

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Wanderer, freedom fighter

Affiliations: Skeev, Oedi, Willow, Syzygy Darklock, Wyrd, Breed, Kid Cosmos, Darklon

Enemies: Lord Papal, Nexus

Known Relatives: Kalla Dreadstar (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across space and various dimensions

First Appearance: "Metamorphosis Odyssey", Epic Illustrated #1 (Epic Comics)

Powers/Abilities: He has a magic sword, heals with superhuman rapidity and has super strength.

History: Born in the Milky Way Galaxy, Vanth Dreadstar proved to be able to access a great power, and was tricked into destroying his own galaxy. He found himself in another galaxy (or perhaps even a parallel dimension), where his adventures continued.

Fuller profile to follow

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

Thanks to A. Nail for providing information about his powers.

Dreadstar first appeared in "Metamorphosis Odyssey", a story which ran in the first eight issues of Marvel Comics Epic Illustrated. Eclipse comics then published a graphic novel, The Price, that was later reprinted by Epic as Dreadstar Annual. Marvel's Epic Comics imprint then published a "Dreadstar" title which ran bi-monthly until #26 when First Comics got the rights. First published #27-64. Some years later Malibu / Bravura published 6 issues of Dreadstar that took place after the First Comics series. After this Epic's "Dreadstar" #1-6 was reprinted by Marvel under the title "Dreadstar and Company" #1-6. Marvel also published a Dreadstar Graphic Novel.

"Kadmon" sent me a note of the five main story arcs in the series. "The Metamorphosis Odyssey" was published in Epic Illustrated, in The Price and Dreadstar Graphic Novel. It was followed in Epic Comics' Dreadstar #1-26 and First Comics' Dreadstar #27-30, with a story about the war against a High Papal and his church of super-villains. First's Dreadstar 31-40, set after the victory against the Papal, showed when Dreadstar's Company got to rule the Galaxy. After issue 40, Jim Starlin, the creator left the series. In First Dreadstar #41-64, Dreadstar escaped into a new galaxy, with Peter David covering the writing chores. Malibu / Bravura then did a 6 issue mini-series, set about 20 years after the end of the last storyline, starring the daughter of Dreadstar, who gathers the old company to start new adventures.


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