Dr Draino

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Zotian)

Occupation: Crimelord

Affiliations: Redback, O.G.R.E., The Barnacle, Destructo Machine, Metsuke Monks

Enemies: Jack Keegan, Stanley "Gloves" Donahue, Australian Maid

Known Relatives: Feral (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sydney, Australia

First Appearance: Jackaroo

Powers/Abilities: Criminal genius. He has access to henchmen with superhuman abilities.

History: Dr.Draino was a crimelord who ran O.G.R.E., a mafia-like organisation which operated out of Sydney, Australia. He repeatedly came into conflict with Gloves Donahue, a club owner with his own criminal dealings who would not kowtow to Draino, and through Donahue, he gained the enmity of Jack Keegan, the Jackaroo, as well.

Comments: Created by Gary Chaloner.

Although he appears to be human, Dr.Draino's daughter Feral has been identified as an extra-terrestrial, so unless they are lying about their familial relationship, he must be one too.

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