Dr. Death

Real Name: Dr. Rance Mandarin

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Criminal mastermind, mad scientist; former Dean of Psychology at Yale

Affiliations: Charmion (resurrected Egyptian queen), Zombi (undead servant)

Enemies: Detective Jimmy Holm (millionaire criminologist), Secret Twelve (Holm's allies, including U.S. President and head of New York underworld), Nina Ferrera, Nibs Holloway

Known Relatives: Nina Ferrera (ward)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: "Dr. Death," All-Detective Magazine (Dell, 1934)

Powers/Abilities: Genius scientist. Invented shrinking processes, raised zombies and mummies,

History: Utterly insane, brilliant scientist Dr. Rance Mandarin believed he was smarter than Einstein but was also an occultist who celebrated Black Mass and thought both God and Satan had united to give him a holy (and unholy) mission to end man's overpopulation of Earth by exterminating the excess and returning mankind to a pre-industrial Dark Age. Unsurprisingly his plan was opposed by those who learned of it, including criminologist Jimmy Holm and his allies, the "Secret Twelve."

Comments: Created by Edward P. Norris, developed by Harold Ward. Dr. Death began as a foe of detective Nibs Holloway, and was seemingly slain at the end of his first story, only to be brought back (presumably due to being popular with the readers), a couple of stories later. His ongoing popularity saw him graduate to his own title, where he gained a backstory and new foe, Jimmy Holm.

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