Dave Dragavon

Real Name: Dave Dragavon

Identity/Class: Dragon

Occupation: Adventurer



Known Relatives: Elsbeth (mother, presumed deceased)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Morningstar Special #1 (Comico, April 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Dave has exceptional strength and durability, a legacy of his dragon heritage (he was once hung upside down with a rock tied round his neck for several days without suffering harm). If he lives long enough he will eventually gain all the abilities of his kind, including shapeshifting and the ability to breathe fire.

History: Dave Dragavon is an immature dragon, less than a hundred years old, and as such stuck in human form. Dragons are a very competitive race, and will kill one another's offspring as a matter of course. Since in Dragon form they are essentially sexless, they assume human (or other species) form and impregnate females of that species to carry their children. For the first hundred or so years young dragons are unable to shapeshift, stuck in the form of the cuckoo species they came from, and hidden from their parent's enemies.

Dave Dragavon himself is an adventurer, who initially ran foul of the Elemental Morningstar after he came after her for killing his father.



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