Douwe Dabbert

Real Name: Douwe Dabbert

Identity/Class: Normal human, but grandchild of a powerful magic user.

Occupation: Vagrant, occasional educator.

Affiliations: The intelligent animals of the hidden Animal Kingdom, Pief, Kijfje and Domboli (magic students), the last Dodo.

Enemies: Wredula, the Witches of the Day Before Yesterday, Ludo Lafhart, Knudde, de Plagers (the Teasers)

Known Relatives: His human grandmother (deceased) is mentioned once and her husband a (supposedly immortal) magic user. Neither are seen though, Douwe is talking to one of their friends, an old witch.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: De verwende prinses (The Spoilt Princess)

Powers/Abilities: Apart from a razorsharp wit, Douwe has a magical travel bag. The bag when opened gives him the object he needs to escape his current problems or defeat his opponent, but Douwe usually has to figure out himself what to do with the objects he finds within the bag and their use is often not obvious.

History: When we first meet Douwe, he doesn't look like much of a hero: he's short, fat and already his hair and beard have gone white. He applied as an educator for a young princess and impressed the King with his simple methods of dealing with the bratty princess. Armed with his magic bag he took her on a journey to be a decent human, mostly by showing her the daily lives of her future subjects.

For most of his adventures, he kept wandering the world, often stopping the evil plans of Ludo Lafhart (translated: "Cowardheart" and it describes him pretty well) and his clumsy sidekick Knudde or being forced to go through magical gates and find powerful artifacts for the evil witch Wredula.

He also often met up with many other magical beings: a hidden kingdom filled with peace-loving intelligent animals, evil witches who preyed on humanity and incompetent magic students who needed some parental guidance (provided by Douwe himself)

Comments: Created by Piet Wijn and published in the early/mid 70s in the Dutch Donald Duck magazine. In total there have been over 20 stories over the last 30 years.

Thanks to Davy Duijsings for the above profile.


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