The survivors of Doomsday +1

Membership: Captain Boyd Ellis, Jill Malden, Kuno, Ikei Yashida

Purpose: To survive after the apocalypse

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: A paranoid Russian cyborg, hostile aliens, travellers from an alternate Earth.

Base of Operations:  Post-apocalypse Earth

First Appearance: Doomsday +1 (Charlton Comics)

History: A Latin American dictator tricks the US and USSR into nuclear war and three astronauts return by way of an Arctic splashdown when the radioactivity settles. They encounter revived prehistoric animals frozen over various periods including a (superhumanly strong) Goth warrior, Kuno, who joins their group after rescuing them from a mammoth. Before the last and seventh issue is over, they encounter a paranoid Russian cyborg scientist in Siberia who is certain the US precipitated the apocalypse, aliens who think Earth should be wiped out before another psychotic society evolves from its ruins, two previous unknown aquatic branches of humanity, cruel dilettantes from an alternate earth, and future people thrown back in time by the nuclear holocaust.

Comments: Created by John Byrne.

Thanks to Mike Murphy for informing me of this story. Mike informs me that "D+1 was one of Byrne's first major talent showcases (gorgeous covers that looked painted but were done with magic marker!)", and also provided the plot synopsis used in the history section above. He also provided the image used at the top of the page.

Thanks to Dan S for providing the name of the Captain.


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