Real Name: Brigadier General Theodore Marley Brooks

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Lawyer

Affiliations: Chemistry


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: The Man of Bronze (March 1933)

Powers/Abilities: Ham carries a sword hidden in his cane. As well as being an excellent fencer, the tip of the tempered steel blade is coated in a fast acting drug which renders victims unconscious in seconds.

History: By the time Clark Savage Jr first met Ham,  when both were prisoners in the German POW camp Loki during WWI, the lawyer and Monk had already begun their friendly rivalry which would characterise their careers thereafter. Their fued had started when Ham taught Monk a few French words to compliment a visiting general during a ceremony. The words proved to be insulting obscenities which landed Monk in the brig. When he got out, Monk stole a truckload of pigs and framed Ham for the crime, a frame-up that Ham could never prove and which gave him his nickname.

After the war Harvard graduate Ham returned to his law firm, becoming one of the top men in his field. He remained ready to drop any case however, when his friends needed him. When Ham came across a gorilla-like ape which bore an uncanny resemblance to Monk during one of their adventures, he kept the creature and dubbed it Chemistry to annoy his friend.

Comments: Ham is considered one of the best dressed men in America.


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