Real Name: Unknown





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Youngblood

Powers/Abilities: Diehard has several automated versions of himself, which can undertake dangerous missions or aid him as needed -- these robots have identical physical stats to Diehard, but have less free will, as they only do as they are programmed. Other powers unknown.

History: Chosen in the 1940s to become the first of the U.S. government's genetic experiments, the super-soldier known as Die Hard is one of Youngblood's most mysterious members. Though he has served in nearly every incarnation of the team, none of his teammates know his true identity. Commonly believed to be the first successful fusion of man and machine, Die Hard is characterized by those who know him as a man struggling to understand his own identity. With such a long history of membership in the Youngblood program, Die Hard is understandably wary of the arrival of new Die Hard units, updated models for which he was the template. Regarded more as a combat unit than a man, Die Hard is also constantly wary of his selection for assignments regarded to be "suicide missions."



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