Super Commando Dhruva

Real Name: Dhruva

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Vigilante

Affiliations: Vanputra; Chandika; Dhananjay; Black Cat; Commando Force

Enemies: Dr.Virus; Bonna Waman; Chandkaal; Grand Master Robo; Mahamanav; Commander Natasha; Dhawaniraj

Known Relatives: Police Commissioner Rajan (foster father); Shweta (foster sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Raj Nagar

First Appearance:  Pratishod Ka Jwala (Raj Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Dhruva is extremely agile, a skilled acrobat. He is a master of the martial arts with swift reflexes. He is quick witted, and often out thinks opponents. He is able to communicate with animals and can summon their assistance.

History: Dhruva was an orphan who initially grew up as part of the Jupiter circus. Later he was adopted by Police Commissioner Rajan, and now as a teenager runs his own commando outfit.

Comments: Thanks to Krishna Anand for both informing me of this character, and providing additional information about him.


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