Real Name: Harry Chawney

Identity/Class: Human mutant (probably)

Occupation: Leader of the Shadow Cabinet

Affiliations: Shadow Cabinet

Enemies: Sideshow

Known Relatives: Bina and Apurna "Narnie" Chawney (sisters, Plus)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Shadowspire

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Able to see the past and future of any object.

History: Dharma is the current leader of the Shadow Cabinet. A pre- and retrocognitive psychometric (able to read the past and future of an item when he touches it). Having suffered a vision of  “a day where everything ends in fire”, he has become a driven and ruthless man. His secretive and manipulative nature eventually led to his being killed by one of his team, Sideshow. He was brought back to life by a former leader of the Shadow Cabinet, Red Dog, who had led the organisation nearly a century ago. For a brief period after his resurrection he became less secretive, but the visions kept haunting him, until he went over the edge after some of the team disobeyed his orders and helped out during the Utopia Park riots. Dharma wrested apart his bonded sisters, Plus, and then killed Sideshow (returning the favour) when that individual tried to intervene on the girls' behalf. He then ordered the rest of the team to stay within the Shadowspire base, only leaving when on missions he assigned to them. Several of the team decided he had gone insane at this point, and fled. Since then nothing further has been heard from Dharma or the remaining members of the Shadow Cabinet. They have returned once more to the shadows from which they came.

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