The Deadlander

Real Name: Jacob Bierce

Identity/Class: Undead human

Occupation: Gunslinger, unwilling servant to the Old Witch

Affiliations: BogWitch (unwilling servant of), unidentified Indian shaman

Enemies: Bog Witch, Cavanaugh (cavalry commander), Cobra (bounty hunter)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Dead Rider

Base of Operations: Magruder, Nevada, 1892

First Appearance: The Deadlander #1 (Dark Horse, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Bierce is an excellent shootist. He is also immortal and undead; while he feels the pain of injuries received and is slowly rotting, the injuries cannot kill him.

History: Outlaw Jacob Bierce, fearing for his life as the law closed in, heard tales of the Bog Witch who might offer him a chance to evade the hangman's noose. Finding her, he traded his soul for immortality, and was transformed, only to learn that everything comes with a price; immortality did not mean eternal life. Now a living corpse, still suffering from the pain of each and every wound and slowly rotting, Bierce has become the Deadlander. Worse still, when she wants, the Old Witch can command him to do her bidding.

Comments: Created by Kevin Ferrara.

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