Real Name: Bart Hill

Identity/Class: Normal human, highly trained

Occupation: Crime fighter

Affiliations: The Wise Guys (teenage gang); Silver Streak

Enemies: The Claw

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother and father (both deceased)

Aliases: Bill Hart, Red Devil (used once Marvel comics produced their own Daredevil character in the sixties)

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Silver Steak Comics #6 (Lev Gleason)

Powers/Abilities: Normal human, at peak of human strength and stamina. Incredibly skilled with a boomerang.

History: Bart Hill's father was an inventor. Both his parents were murdered by a gang of thugs out to get his father's invention. During the attack the thugs branded Bart's chest with a hot iron shaped like a boomerang. The torture caused the boy to lose his voice. He swore to himself by his parents' graves "to devote my time on Earth to making crime pay for the death of my mother and father." Because of the brand he always played with a boomerang. He handled the weapon so well that people believed he controlled it by some magic. When he reached adulthood he adopted a costume and became the Daredevil, scourge of crime.

(Silver Streak #6)With his trusty boomerang, Daredevil aided The Silver Streak against Claw.

(Daredevil #1) Daredevil battles Adolph Hitler with Silver Steak.

After criminals found out his true identity, they attempted to kill him and supposedly suceeded. Turns out Bart Hill survived, but if he expected to continue on as Daredevil, he needed a new name. Calling upon his juvenile friends the Wise Guys, they pulled together to help Hill (who changed his appearence with a moustache and pair of glasses) come up with a new name. After Ed Vilader and Redd Adevi were turned down (the youngest Wise Guy suggested Livederad-"It's D.D. backwards!") he finally settled on Bill Hart, harkening back to his real name.

Comments: Avram Fawcett kindly sent me load of info on this character, including his name, his alias, his first appearance, details of what happened in his first few appearances, and adds "In 1950, the Wise Guys took over the series (*gasp*!) and D.D. was phased out. In the sixties, Marvel Comics unleashed their own Daredevil created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, the latter being a creator of two of the original Daredevil's rivals-Timely's Sub-Mariner and E.C.P.Co's Hydro Man." Since the character had lapsed into disuse, Stan and co. also created their own Daredevil character, who also suffered from a disability. As a result this Daredevil has been called Red Devil in subsequent reprints and reappearances, such as when he has been revived by Americomics as part of the Femforce universe.

Top picture of Daredevil courtesy of Steve Rogers' Golden Years Comic Book Library.

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