Danny Phantom

Real Name: Danny Fenton

Identity/Class: Human mutate (human merged with ectoplasm)

Occupation: School boy

Affiliations: Tucker Foley, Samantha Manson, Jazz Fenton, Sidney Poindexter, Wulf, Clockwork

Enemies: Ectopusses, the Lunch Lady Ghost, the Dragon Ghost, the Box Ghost, Skulker, Nicolai Technus, Desiree, Vlad Plasmius (Vladimir Masters), Walker, Penelope Spectra, Fright Knight, Freakshow, Pariah Dark, Clockwork, Dan Phantom (his evil future self);
former Valerie Gray, Sidney Poindexter

Known Relatives: Jasmine Fenton (Jazz, sister), Jack Fenton (father), Maddie Fenton (mother)

Aliases: Inviso-Bill

Base of Operations: Amity Park

First Appearance: Danny Phantom (Nickelodeon, April 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Able to transform into a ghostly state. Can fly, turn invisible and become immaterial in this form. Able to see ghosts and other supernatural beings in whichever form he is in. Uses his father's "Fenton Thermos" to capture ghosts (as it was designed to do, though his father is unaware the device actually works). He can emit a ghostly wail with unspecified effects, and produce ice.

History: An accident involving the "Fenton Portal" in his ghost-hunter father's lab left fourteen year old Danny half way between the world of humans and the "Ghost Zone". The Portal had been abandoned by his parents as a dud, but when Danny looked into it, he was caught in a flash of light which knocked him unconscious. When he awoke, he found his molecules had been rearranged, merged with ectoplasm - not only did he now have snow white hair and glowing green eyes, but he also had ghostlike superhuman powers. Learning how to change back and forth between human and ghost forms, he dedicated himself to stopping all the ghosts he discovered had come through into our world, adopting the identity of Danny Phantom. In this identity he hunts them down, captures them, then puts them back through the Portal. His sister Jazz has uncovered his secret, but hides this knowledge from him, assuming he will tell her when he is ready to, and in the meantime she often covers for him with his parents while he is playing superhero.

Comments: Created by Butch Hartman. Danny's voice is provided by David Kaufman.

Thanks to David Medina for additional information.

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