The Kids from Dungeons and Dragons

Membership: Hank, Eric, Shiela, Presto, Diana, Bobby, Uni

Purpose: To find a way home, fighting evil in the meantime

Affiliations: Dungeon Master, Sir John, Silvermane, Lukion, Karox, Terri, Kosar, Josef Mueller

Enemies: Venger, Tiamat, Kelki, Warduke, Shadowdemon, Dekion, Demodragon, Nightwalker, He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken, Korlok, Darkling

Base of Operations: The Realm

First Appearance: Dungeons and Dragons #1 "The Night of No Tomorrow" (CBS, 13 September 1983)

History: While visiting an amusement park on day, six youths (Hank, Presto, Eric, Diana, Shiela and Bobby) decided to try out the "Dungeons and Dragons" ride. During the ride they were swept away from their own world, and delivered into a world of magic and monsters. Meeting a short, balding magician called Dungeon Master, they were each given a magical item to defend themselves with: Eric got a shield which could stop any attack and became the Cavalier; Hank gained a bow which fired arrows of energy, becoming the Ranger; Sheila a cloak of invisibility, making her the Thief; her young brother Bobby received a club which could smash anything it hit and became the Barbarian; Diana gained a extending pole, to become the Acrobat; and Presto got a wizard's hat, from which he could magically pull virtually anything, though usually not what he actually intended to get. They soon found themselves undertaking missions for the Dungeon Master, which he claimed would eventually lead them home, but all the while they had to face the threat of an evil wizard / demon called Venger, and the five-headed dragon Tiamat. They also picked up an annoying baby unicorn, Uni, whom Hank adopted as his pet.

Comments: Based (very loosely) on the best known and first role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons lasted three short seasons and a total of 27 episodes:

  1. The Night Of No Tomorrow
  2. Eye of the Beholder
  3. The Hall Of Bones
  4. Valley of the Unicorns
  5. In Search of the Dungeon Master
  6. Beauty and the Bogbeast
  7. Prison Without Walls
  8. Servant Of Evil
  9. Quest of the Skeleton Warrior
  10. The Garden Of Zinn
  11. The Box
  12. The Lost Children
  13. P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster
  14. The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow
  15. The Treasure Of Tardos
  16. City at the Edge of Midnight
  17. The Traitor
  18. Day of the Dungeon Master
  19. The Last Illusion
  20. The Dragon's Graveyard
  21. Child of the Stargazer
  22. The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn
  23. The Time Lost
  24. Odyssey of the 12th Talisman
  25. Citadel Of Shadow
  26. Cave of the Fairie Dragons
  27. The Winds Of Darkness

The kids made it home a few times, but always had to return to the Realm for one reason or another; the kids never did get permanently home. There was a final episode written, called "Requiem", although the show was cancelled before production. It's currently being animated from the original script by a group of fans. Thanks to Kelvin Green for this last snippet of information.


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