Real Name: Dominique Thiebaut





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Cyberforce #1 (Image, July, 1993; later published by Top Cow)

Powers/Abilities: Cyblade psionically trigger "blades" of electromagnetic energy and fire them at opponents. 

History: Dominique Thiebaut was a member of the royal family of the small European country of Chalenne. She was also a mutant, able to generate psionically "blades" of electromagnetic energy and fire them with deadly effect. Her powers had been detected, but hadn't manifested yet, when the ruthless organisation Cyberdata attempted to acquire the young girl. This kidnapping attempt caused her powers to surface, and she was assigned a trainer, Jocelyn, who taught her combat skills and became her guardian when her father and brother died, leaving her the sole surviving member of the royal family. Under Jocelyn's tuition, she carried out a number of missions for Cyberdata, before entering medical school when she reached her majority. Two years later Cyberdata tricked her into returning to work for them, and used cybernetic surgery to enhance her powers and implant a "brain box" to make her easier to control. It was at this point she assumed the name Cyblade. But eventually she came to realise the truth about her employers, and managed to have the brain box removed. Teaming up with other victims of the agency, she helped form Cyberforce.



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