Crimson Mask

Real Name: Robert Clarke

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Pharmacist, drug store owner

Affiliations: Dave Small (drug store clerk, assistant), Theodore Warrick (ex-Police Commissioner)

Enemies: Gangsters

Known Relatives: Tom Clarke (father, police sergeant, deceased)

Aliases: Bob, Doc, Lemon Drop Man

Base of Operations: Manhattan

First Appearance: "Enter the Crimson Mask," Detective Novels Magazine (Thriller, August 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled fighter and good shot with a pistol. Expert chemist.

History: After police sergeant Tom Clarke was slain in action when a gangster's bullet hit him in the back of the head, internal blood seepage had left the corpse with a mark on his face, looking like a red mask across the dead man's eyes, a freakish manifestation witnessed by his son, Bob Clarke, and friend, Commissioner Theodore Warrick, before the undertaker removed it. Bob pledged undying enmity against the underworld, and studied at police centres around the world, before returning to New York City to complete a pharmacy course using money his father had left him. Feeling himself ready to uphold his vow to his late father, Bob took a classmate at the College of Pharmacy, Dave Small, and the now retired Theodore Warrick, into his confidence, and, remembering the red mark on his father's face from years earlier, he became the crimefighting Crimson Mask, with Warrick calling him on a secret telephone line to the lab behind the store whenever the vigilante was needed.

Comments: Created by Norman Daniels.


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