Real Name: Coyote

Identity/Class: Human altered by magical upbringing

Occupation: Trickster - masquerades as mobster

Affiliations: Ta'lly, Slash (allies and girlfriends); The Shadow Cabinet (employers, as Sly Santangelo); Badger, Scorpio Rose

Enemies: The Djinn, the Shadow Cabinet, Halfdome

Known Relatives: The Coyote God (father, kind of)

Aliases: Sly Santangelo

Base of Operations: Las Vegas

First Appearance: Eclipse Magazine #2 (Eclipse)

Other Titles: Coyote (Epic Comics)

Powers/Abilities: As well as being stronger than the average man and extremely agile, the Coyote can "dance intangible" given a little time. He can also change his clothes and appearance at will to imitate others.

History: "Coyote is a ... primitive - a straightforward soul who grew up in a desert world of sunsplit mirage and moonshadow magick. A trickster who views that world as a great source of private source. A boy raised to see the weird as normal, and the normal as weird." Coyote walked out the desert when he was eighteen and encountered human civilisation (if you can call it that) in the form of Las Vegas, where he learned about our world.

Shortly after encountering our world he ran foul of the Shadow Cabinet, a clandestine cartel battling similar conspiracies such as the Hashashin, and the KGB, for final control of the world. He discovered that the Shadow Cabinet were in fact working for the lobster-like rulers of Venus.

With the aid of allies like his girlfriends Ta'lly (a reincarnation of an Indian goddess) and Di (a.k.a. Slash, renegade KGB agent whose left eye shoots deadly black beams) he continues to take on the outrageous conspiracies that threaten our world.

Comments: Created by  (and copyright to) Steve Englehart. Published first in Eclipse Magazine #2-8, this strip was then reprinted in the "I Am Coyote" Graphic Novel, before starting a new run of 16 issues in his own series published by Marvel's Epic Comics imprint. Thanks to Mike Murphy for supplying the image on the right.

During his Epic run, Coyote ran into First Comic's Badger, and after his series ended he has guest starred (alongside Coyote cast members the Djinn and Scorpio Rose) in The Phantom of Fear City.

Image are currently reprinting the Coyote's adventures, including the back-up story of the Djinn and the tie-in story Scorpio Rose.

  1. Coyote Collection (reprints Eclipse Magazine #2-8, plus Scorpio Rose #1-3)

  2. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #1-4)

  3. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #5-8, including Djinn)

  4. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #9-12, including Djinn)

  5. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #13-16)

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