Real Name: Bob Wayne

Identity/Class: Normal human


Affiliations: Lois Scott, Speed Martin

Enemies: Dr. Satan

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (the Copperhead, deceased), unidentified mother (deceased), Governor Bronson (foster father, deceased)


Base of Operations: Capitol City

First Appearance: Mysterious Dr. Satan (Republic, 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled fighter.

History: Bob Wayne was the son of masked vigilante outlaw the Copperhead, who fought crime in the Wild West while wearing a chainmail cowl, and left behind copper snake figurines as his calling card. After his parents were slain while Bob was still an infant, he was raised by his father's friend, Governor Bronson, who kept his heritage secret from the child. However, after Bob had reached adulthood the evil genius Dr. Satan began a campaign of terror, seeking to conquer the world, and slaying any who opposed him. Realising he might be next, Bronson told Bob of the Copperhead legacy; sure enough, soon after, Dr. Satan's henchmen killed the governor. Donning his father's mask, Bob became the new Copperhead, and set about thwarting the villain's schemes, seeking to prevent him building an army of killer robots.

When Satan's goons threatened Professor Scott, father of Wayne's pretty friend Lois, Wayne slipped on an heirloom mask and slugged it out with the crooks. Before long, Wayne, Lois Scott, and reporter Speed Martin found themselves entangled in Dr. Satan's scheme to build an army of robotic soldiers controlled by one of Professor Scott's inventions.

Comments: Played by Robert Wilcox.


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