Connie Ronnin

Real Name: Connie Ronnin

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Superhero, former athlete

Affiliations: Southern Knights


Known Relatives: Unidentified father and mother, Cherryl (step-mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Atlanta

First Appearance: Crusaders #1 (retitled Southern Knights from #2 on)

Powers/Abilities: Connie can create a mental sword, those "hit" by it feel as if a real sword is being wielded. The effects are temporary and seemingly fatal hits merely cause loss of consciousness. She is a world class fencer, being a former Olympic Gold Medalist.

History: Connie's powers appear to be innate. Her parents, who were divorced, refused to give her any approval or affection. Her mother had not wanted children and hated Connie for being born. Connie learned fencing because her stepmother Cherryl (her father's second wife) was a fencer. Cherryl gave her the affection and approval her real parents denied her. Her father took this away from Connie by refusing to let Cherryl have custody of Connie when he and Cherryl divorced and then telling Connie that Cherryl didn't like Connie any more. Connie later reunited with Cherryl and found out the truth and that Cherryl still cared about her.

Comments: Created by David Anthony Kraft.

Connie sometimes took charge of the Southern Knights in battle, even though most people regarded Electrode as the team captain.


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