Condition Red

Condition Red (on the right)Real Name: Max Cash

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: formerly Undercover cop, mafia hitman

Affiliations: member of the second team of WildC.A.T.S., former agent of I.O. and the Mafia

Enemies: The Cabal, H.A.R.M.

Known Relatives: Cole (brother, a.k.a. Grifter)

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: WildCATS #17

Powers/Abilities: Skilled marksman and fighter.

History: Max Cole was the younger brother of Cash Cole, the man better known as Grifter. Like Cash, Max had an affinity for weapons, guns in particular, but no matter how good he got, he always remained in his brother's shadow.

Max went to work for I.O. (International Operations), and infiltrated the Mafia for them. However his deep cover soon became too deep - he killed cops on orders from his criminal bosses, and kept payments that he didn't tell his true employers about. When his brother's team, the WildC.A.T.S., were missing and believed dead, he was approached by Savant, who was forming a replacement squad. Although Max expressed no desire to be a "stand-in for dear old Cole", he was blackmailed into the job by Savant, who threatened to reveal his criminal acts to I.O. Max Cash vanished, and Savant renamed him Condition Red. He served with the WildC.A.T.S. for a relatively brief period before he was caught at ground zero when a bomb exploded, and left him comatose.

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