Cometa (Comet)

Real Name: Marcelo Vasconcelos

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional

Occupation: Government agent

Affiliations: Jonas, Natana, Almina, etc

Enemies: Mortal Blade, Nousa, Ignea-meg, Lamina

Known Relatives: Silena (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Brazil

First Appearance: Cometa #1 (SG Visual Art)

Powers/Abilities: Gravity control, superhuman strength, nearly indestructible.

History: Cometa was a youth who travelled to Earth from another dimension. Finding his strength to be greater than a humans, and that his powers over gravity seemed unique, he decided to fight for justice as a superhero.

Comments: Cometa was one of the first works of the SG Visual Art as publishing company.

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