Commando D

Real Name: Kon-Nor

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Research assistant

Affiliations: The Sentinels of Justice; former assistant to Dr.Zan; Dorna (girlfriend, deceased), Denny Brant

Enemies: Vardax

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: Unknown - but I'm guessing Connor is a likely one.

Base of Operations: Unknown; formerly Altran (city), Altrannas state, on an Earth-like planet in an alternate universe

First Appearance: Sentinels of Justice (Americomics)

Powers/Abilities: Uncertain - but apparently his powers are activated by the ring worn by Denny Brant.

History: Born on an a world in an parallel universe, Kon-Nor was the research assistant of scientist Dr.Zan, who had been working on a super-commando development project because their world was threatened by the invading force of the chameleonic reptiles known as the Vardax. Kon-Nor volunteered to be the prototype/guinea pig. However the Vardax invaded faster than was anticipated, forcing Kon-Nor and his girlfriend Dorna to flee to Earth, taking the super-power induction chamber shrunk small enough to be hidden within Dorna's ring. Vardax soldiers followed them, and Dorna was fatally wounded, living just long enough to pass the ring on to a youth named Denny Brant. Denny used it to transform Kon-Nor into the super-powered Commando D.

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