Cole Turner

Real Name: Cole Turner

Identity/Class: Demon, briefly Human

Occupation: Demon
former Attorney, the Source of all Evil, Avatar

Affiliations: None
former The Charmed Ones (as Cole and Belthazor), The Seer (as the Source), The Triad, the Brotherhood of the Thorn (as Belthazor)

Enemies: The Charmed Ones
former Barbas, the Source, Sykes, Vandalus, Pretty much every demon the original Source could throw at him

Known Relatives: Phoebe (ex-wife), Benjamin Coleridge Turner (father, deceased), Elizabeth (mother), unborn son (sacrificed himself to save his mother and destroy the Seer)

Aliases: Belthazor, the Source

Base of Operations: former Halliwell Manor, San Francisco, California

First Appearance: as Cole 'Charmed' Season 3, Episode 1 "The Honeymoon's Over" (WB, 2000)
as Belthazor 'Charmed' Season 3, Episode 3 "Once Upon a Time" (WB, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: as Belthazor Pyrokinesis, able to generate balls of energy, telekinesis, above-average strength
as Cole (Human) Incredibly detailed knowledge of the demon underworld due to almost a century among them
as the Source Unknown, presumed to have almost limitless power
as Cole (Demon) Full extent of powers unknown, but more powerful than even the Source; also totally indestructible.

History: Cole's earlier life is largely unknown; all that is certain is that his father was a human and his mother a demon, and that his mother killed his father shortly after his birth. It is known that he served as the demon Belthazor for almost a century, committing various brutal murders under the command of the Triad (essentially the 'Three Musketeers' of evil), until he was sent to pose as an assistant district attorney to kill the Halliwell sisters by dating the youngest sister, Phoebe. However, his human half proved strong enough to let him fall in love with her, and he rejected his demonic nature to save her. She allowed him to escape, but eventually he came back to her, soon making her realise how much she loved and needed him despite his demon side. Despite a brief hiccup when his old mentor used a spell to lure him back to the dark side, Cole eventually moved in with the sisters, and helped them vanquish demons and save innocents.

His demon powers came in handy on several occasions, most notably when Paige, Piper and Phoebe's newly-discovered half-sister, was captured by a powerful demon called Vandalus and trapped behind a massive magical force field; nothing good could enter it, but Cole's powers coming from evil meant that he could get through the barrier easily, leading to Vandalus's destruction. However, things came to a head when he was pitted against both Sykes, a demon who resembled Belthazor and was killing witches, and Emma, a witch who blamed Belthazor for the deaths of other members of her coven. Although Cole and the sisters managed to vanquish Sykes after a pitched battle between him and Belthazor, Cole was nearly unable to change back into human form after channeling so much of Belthazor's power, and was only saved when Emma threw a potion at him that removed all his powers, leaving him an ordinary human.

Although Cole went through a long period of attempting to 'find' himself now that he was no longer a demon, his relationship with Phoebe went fairly well at that stage, the two of them even getting engaged, although there were some problems with finding a ring. However, everything went wrong when the Source stole the Hollow, a force that literally ate magic, and used it against the Charmed Ones, despite the fact that it would destroy evil magic as well as good. In the final struggle, Cole was forced to take on the Hollow himself, absorbing some of the Source's power to allow the Charmed Ones to cast a spell that called upon their ancestor's magic, vanquishing the Source from time and space. The Source was stopped, and the Hollow then sealed away by Phoebe and the Seer (a magical being that could foretell the future), but, in the process, Cole had become infected with the evil of the Source...

Admittedly, that didn't automatically make him the bad guy. Although Cole was now contaminated by the Source's evil, his love for Phoebe was so great that he was able to resist the Source sometimes, even using his powers to save a past version of Phoebe from a demon attack, as well as prevent Paige from getting killed by a vampire and be killed by being used as a host for demonic power (though the last two don't really count as they were also done to save himself; and he was responsible for the demon power entering Paige in the first place). Eventually, Phoebe discovered the truth, thanks to Cole's love for her and his son weakening the Source's influence, but agreed to become Cole's Dark Queen anyway. At this point, she was also pregnant with a demonic baby which, according to the Seer, would be the most powerful force of evil ever, and might have been influencing Phoebe's judgement. However, Phoebe was unable to reject her destiny to save innocents, and was eventually forced to vanquish Cole to save her sisters. The Seer took the baby into herself in an attempt to destroy the Charmed Ones, but the baby, in a final act, destroyed the Seer and several upper-level demons to save its mother and aunts.

Cole managed to survive in the Wasteland (where demons go after they are vanquished) thanks to the fact that he had a human soul, and constantly tried to contact Phoebe to get him out. He nearly gave up on some occasions, but discovered that he could absorb the power of other vanquished demons if he was quick enough, and used this to return to Earth. Unfortunately for him, Phoebe could no longer find it within herself to trust him, despite the sacrifices he'd made for them in the past. He even attempted to strip himself of his powers with Paige's help, but when the powers were transferred instead to Barbas, the demon of fear, he took them back for the sake of the sisters, even though he hated what they had made him. He eventually reached a state of such despair that he tried to force the sisters to vanquish him by sending a darklighter after Paige, Leo, and Piper's unborn baby, knowing that the sisters would be able to contact another Whitelighter - Sam Wilder, Paige's newly-rediscovered father - in time to be saved. However, when the sisters tried to vanquish him, the attempt failed, due to an extra 'perk' of his powers that Cole was unaware of; he was utterly indestructible.

Ironically enough, he then became suicidally insane, trying several attempts to kill himself at first before making another attempt to get Phoebe back by awakening the 'Woogeyman' - a powerful source of evil that dwelt on the nexus point where the manor had been constructed - in the basement, before he took one final desperate chance. He had earlier been contacted by the Avatars, powerful beings beyond good and evil that wished him to become one of them, but had refused at the time. Deciding to take them up on their earlier offer, Cole then used his new time-bending powers to change history so that Paige was killed before the Power of Three could be reconstituted, hoping that Phoebe would have stayed with him without Paige there. However, the attempt failed; all that happened to Cole in the new reality was that he had remained Belthazor and become the new lord of the underworld. Piper had gone on a major vendetta to try and vanquish Shax, the demon that had killed Prue, and had divorced Leo, while Phoebe was only staying with Cole to ensure Piper wasn't killed by any of Cole's demons. However, unknown to Cole, Paige had managed to escape the change in reality by orbing out just as Cole cast his spell, thus meaning that she was outside of time when it changed, so was unaffected by changes to history. Managing to convince Piper and Leo of her idenity, the three of them concluded that vanquishing Cole would restore reality to normal, which was possible due to Cole only being Belthazor now. In one last struggle, Cole was killed by the alternate Phoebe just after Paige had restored that world's Power of Three, and Paige was instantly transported back into her world, Cole finally gone for good.

Comments: Played by Julian MacMahon as Cole, played by Michael Bailey Smith as Belthazor.

Profile provided by David Spence. Thanks to Jerry B. Tilton for additional information.

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