Chuck Magnon, the Immortal Man

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Scientific Investigator (not so much a Private Eye, advertises himself as "Questions Answered" and his office resembles a lab)
formerly gladiator, scholar

Affiliations: Friar Tuck (taught him to fight with a quarterstaff)

Enemies: Black Priest

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Chuck Ro-Magnon, Man of Yesterday

Base of Operations: New York
formerly mobile across the world

First Appearance: Red Dragon #9 (Street and Smith, January 1944)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled in the use of most weapons. Unaging. Immune to lightning.

History: "100,000 years ago a Cro-Magnon man stood on a hilltop..." and was struck by lightning. "The lightning failed to kill this man, who became immortal. He saw Atlantis fall, after he had made its knowledge his own. He saw the glory that was Greece and the brutality and grandeur that was Rome. In the middle ages he studied, and when it was necessary" he fought. "In his time he roamed the world, used every weapon." In modern times he worked for peace. "War is triply horrible for him, for if he loses an eye or a limb, it is for all eternity."

During the Second World War, while based in New York, Chuck faced the villainous Black Priest, a 2000 year old Egyptian sorceror who secretly controlled Hitler. The Priest used a magical pool to de-age his foes, turning them into children (though retaining their intellect). Chuck dragged him into his own pool; the villain learned to his surprise that he became a child well before the waters affected Chuck.

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