Real Name: Anacleto Kal-el Pacheco

Identity/Class: Superpowered pig

Occupation: Being an anti-hero (he's a frustrated and therefore corrupted superhero, according to contributor Jonathan Salazar)

Affiliations: The Mexican Police Force (a.k.a. Judiciales - he commands the "Tomandante Honorario" - see comments)

Enemies: The Mexican social-political-economic situation, El Conejo Mariguano (a friend, but oft-times an adversarial one - see comments)

Known Relatives: Father (the original Cerdotado, deceased); Quitapon (brother, also known as "Carnal" which is like a... Mexicanism, for brother; see comments).

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mexico

First Appearance: In a college fanzine called Comics Club (number 7). Nowadays El Cerdotado newspaper strip, in "El Milenio" newspaper, published in Monterrey; later got his own title "el Cerdotado" (published by PsyComix)

Powers/Abilities: Similar to Superman. He flies, has x-ray vision, HF hearing, armoured skin, and can move at superspeed. He has "a coward cloak". He also has other abilities: "mocos radioactivos" or "radioactive snots" and "mental powers".

History: Anacleto was part of a family until his father was killed by a butcher. His father was actually the original Cerdotado, and having discovered that he had inherited his father's powers, Anacleto took his father's suit. He wore it as a symbol of admiration and respect. The he took revenge and killed the butcher.

Comments: Created by Leopoldo Jasso.

Cerdo = pig, dotado = gifted or talented... so: Cerdo + dotado = Cerdodotado, instead Jasso called him "Cerdotado" which is actually the sum of those words, creating a new one. Roughly this mean "Gifted pig" or perhaps, less literally, but more in the spirit "Super pig". Thanks to Jonathan Salazar for translating this for me, as well as providing a lot of the above information.

Alheli de la Garza points out that "his name means "Gifted pig"..but also has another meaning (his name is what me call in Mexico "albur") - it means...someone gifted..ehem...sexually" Alheli also kindly informed me of the character's early appearances in El Milenio, where he continues to appear daily.

"El Nerd" joins the translation debate, noting that "Cerdo = pig, dotado = gifted or talented... so: Cerdo + dotado = Cerdodotado" is good information but...the term Cer is like "Ser" that meaning a person like human." He also informed me of additional powers, and of Cerdotado's brother's name. In reference to the brother he mentions "His brother's name is "Quitapon", that word is like "destapador" and meaning "bottle opener", and he work opening bottles in a "cantina" or "bar". The Cerdotado and Quitapon have the same powers" Many thanks for all this additional information.

On the names front, "Capi" adds the following note regarding Cerdotado's brother: "most of the bottled beers in Mexico aren't twist-off capped, so you have to use a bottle opener and "quitapon" (which is composed of two words - "quitar" means "take off" and "pon" means "to put") is the name of the beers with twist off caps from Carta Blanca".

Thanks to Jorge Garza wrote to say "El Cer has allies, the Mexican police force, also know as "Judiciales", in which he has the charge of "Tomandante Honorario". But the police force is very corrupt, and very useless. Also he has had relations with "Narcos" or drug lords.

Thanks to Carlos Cavazos for informing me of Cerdotado's enemy El Conejo Mariguano, described as "a rabbit always high on weed."

Iván Hermida Cortés adds the following notes " 1- The word "Tomandante" in "Tomandante Honorario". In Spanish (especially Mexican Spanish) there's a lot of wordgames - the correct phrase is "Comandante Honorario"(Honorary Commander), but the word Tomandante is a mix of two words: Tomar + Comandante. Tomar = to drink (in this case, beer of course), comandante = Commander or Major. Its common to make fun of police, so the word "Tomandante" means something  like "drunkomander".

2- El Conejo Marihuano (the stoner rabbit) is not precisely an enemy of Cerdotado - in fact, Cerdotado is constantly trying to get El Conejo Marihuano off drugs. In one of the strips, the rabbit ended up in jail because of drugs, and Cerdotado uses his psychic skills get himself into the rabbit's mind to discover Conejo's past: he used to be a psychologist and a very famous magician but he cheated on his wife. After that the rabbit divorced, lost his children, fell into depression, and began to do drugs. Inside the rabbit's mind, Cerdotado met el Conejo's ego: Rolando Mota del Campo (of course the rabbit's real name is also a word game: the word/name rolando means something like "passing"; Mota, is a real last name, but it also means "weed" or "marihuana"; Del campo is a last name too, and means "from country" (country like in country house). Putting all of this together, the name of the rabbit means "passing weed from country" (this is a common joke). At the end, Rolando Mota, didn't want to quit drugs, so he continued as the stoner rabbit."


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