Captain Triumph

Real Name: Lance Gallant

Identity/Class: Human empowered by mystical (ghostly) means

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Kim Meredith (Michael's fiancee)

Enemies: Baron Bragg, Colonel Fishama, Dr. Marfree, Hypnotic Eyes Khor, the King - the Jack of all Trades, Krogar, the Man Who Conquered Flame, Men of Darkness, Mr.Pointer, Mr.Weary, the Porcupine, Rafree, Raven, the Red Mask, Silent, Silvertip; Sitok, Green God of Evil; Supremo, the Veil, Spade the Ruthless, Tyrant of Toar Valley, Vanishing Vandals, Yorvey

Known Relatives: Michael (twin brother, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Crack Comics #27 (Quality Comics, January 1943)

Powers/Abilities: Superhumanly strong, able to fly, invulnerable, able to turn invisible.

History: In 1919 twin brothers Michael and Lance Gallant were born in New York City, a pair so alike, even to a T-shaped birthmark on their left wrists, that even their mother could not distinguish between them. The two remained close, even for twins, as they grew up.

When America was drawn into the Second World War, Michael enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps, becoming a pilot, but on the day of his 23rd birthday, as he brought his plane into land, the hanger he was entering blew up. His fiancee Kim Meredith and his brother Lance witnessed this act of sabotage, and the latter raced into the burning structure, managing to retrieve his badly injured sibling, only for Michael to die in his arms.

Lance swore vengeance on the murderers, and those like them. Unknown to him, the Fates, creatures of myth, were watching all this, and decided to create a champion. Soon afterwards Lance received a shocking visitation from Michael's ghost, who revealed that they remained linked together, and that if Lance was to touch his birthmark, they would merge together, gaining superpowers as a result. Touching the mark a second time would separate them again. Calling himself Captain Triumph, Lance became a crimefighter.

Comments: Created by Alfred Andriola.

Captain Triumph's run in Crack Comics went from #27 through to the title's cancellation with #62.

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