Captain Trips

Real Name: Dr. Marcus Aurelius Meadows

Identity/Class: Human mutate (Ace)

Occupation: formerly Chemist; later "Health Food" shop owner; later Prime Minister of Viet Nam (in his Moonchild identity)

Affiliations: Dr.Tachyon, the Sleeper

Enemies: United States Government, the Astronomer

Known Relatives: Sprout Meadows (daughter), General Meadows (father), Sunflower (ex-wife)

Aliases: The Radical; Starshine; Moonchild; Jumping Jack Flash; Aquarius; Cosmic Traveller.

Base of Operations: New York, later Viet Nam

First Appearance: Wild Cards

Powers/Abilities: Mark is able to transform himself into a variety of other identities by ingesting different chemicals. Each of these "friends" has distinct personalities and powers - they do not consider themselves Mark. These "friends" include:

In his original form, Mark has no other power except this ability to change. He is, however, a skilled chemist.

History: Mark Meadows was a chemistry student who accidentally activated his ace through taking chemical substances in the sixties while attempting to impress a girl. He transformed into the Radical, a truly hip hero, but when the drugs wore off he reverted to be Mark Meadows again. He constantly tried to repeat this transformation, but since he didn't know exactly what had triggered the change, he had to keep experimenting with different drug combinations. Instead of becoming the Radical again, he kept finding new personae hidden inside himself: Jumping Jack Flash, the pyrotechnic superhero; Starshine, the arrogant light manipulator; Moonchild, the zen martial artist; Aquarius, the moody amphibian, and the cowardly Cosmic Traveller. More details to follow

Comments: Created by Victor Milan.


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