Captain Justice

Real Name: Brad Steele

Identity/Class: Unrevealed

Occupation: Archaeologist

Affiliations: Gumshoe, Abner Bevis, Rachel Kirk (girlfriend), Edward Kybo

Enemies: Lazarus, Professor Destructo; formerly Edward Kybo

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Brad Kent, the Crimson Crusader

Base of Operations: Pleasantville

First Appearance: Once A Hero (1987)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, flight. However, he has no powers in the Real World, so he uses explosives to fake superhuman strength smashing things and wears a bulletproof vest.

History: Captain Justice was Pleasantville's greatest hero, secretly aware that he was living in a literal comic book world created by writer Abner Bevis, but he began to notice that his life was becoming, quite literally, very repetative, with the same events happening to him multiple times. Worse, he learned that he and his friends were beginning to fade from existence, evidence that the repeating storylines were leading fans to stop believing in them. So he journeyed through the Forbidden Zone to emerge in the "Real World," hoping to remind people there about him. He learned Pizzazz Comics were cancelling the Captain Justice comic, confronted Abner Bevis, who had lost interest in his failing comic and was now recycling his plots. Captain Justice's presence inspired Abner to try harder, and, despite discovering he had no actual powers in the Real World, Captain Justice decided to stay and fight crime there, assisted by fellow Pleasantville escapee Gumshoe (a detective) and later fighting his nemesis Lazarus, who had followed him to the Real World.

Comments: Played by Jeff Lester. Created by Dusty Kaye. Marvel Comics produced a two issue tie-in to the short lived TV series, which presumably also explains why the covers of Captain Justice comics shown in the opening titles included modified Jim Starlin artwork (with Captain Justice drawn in to replace Warlock or Captain Marvel) showing the hero battling Thanos. Adam West was apparently hired for the fourth episode to play the disaffected TV actor who portrayed Captain Justice in the Real World, but the show was swiftly cancelled after three episodes, leaving subsequent episodes either unmade or unaired.

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