Captain Power

Real Name: John Grant

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Scientist

Affiliations: Member of the Atomic Trio (himself, Atommy and Lynn the Atom Girl), Charles Sanders

Enemies: Olin Stefan, Da Silva, Professor von Stahl (the "Lord of Hurricanes")

Known Relatives: Tommy Grant (Atommy, brother), Lynn Sanders Grant (Lynn the Atom Girl, sister-in-law)

Aliases: Skipper (Tommy's nickname for him)

Base of Operations: Voltara, a hidden lab in the centre of Australia

First Appearance: Sunday Herald (6th March 1949)

Powers/Abilities: Captain Power possesses superhuman strength and is invulnerable, both to physical force and to more subtle attacks, such as poison gas. He uses an anti-gravity metal to fly, using a jet-pack ("atojet") to guide his trajectory, and wears x-ray goggles which permit him to see through objects. His belt allows him to turn invisible, and he wields an atomic pistol. He travels the world in Miss Hotshot, an atojet propelled vehicle with can be a jet, helicopter or submarine.

History: Young "atomic scientist" John Grant discovers a ray which renders the human body indestructible while simulatenously gifting the recipient with superhuman strength. With his brother Tommy's assistance, he also develops an atomic pistol, an anti-gravity metal, a jet-propulsion unit worn on the shoulders, and a belt which can render the wearer invisible. After giving both himself and Tommy powers via the ray, John and Tommy agree that the world, full of greed and hate, is not ready for their inventions, which might end civilisation if they ended up in the wrong hands. Instead John proposes the pair form a "two-man army" to fight evil; an ensthusiastic Tommy agrees, dubbing his brother Captain Power.

On their first adventure they save Charles Sanders' company, Sanders Manufacturing, from sabotage by rival Olin Stefan; during this case, Atommy falls in love with Sanders' daughter, Lynn. They marry after a short romance, and Lynn undergoes exposure to the power ray, joining the brothers as Lynn the Atom-Girl, together forming the Atomic Trio.

Comments: Created by Gerry Brown and Stanley Pitt.

Captain Power began life as a newspaper strip in Sydney's Sunday Herald in the late 1940s. Some of his stories were later collected into a one-shot comic, Captain Power Comic, by publishers Ayers and James Pty, Ltd.

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