Captain Nice

Real Name: Carter Nash

Identity/Class: Human transformed by chemical formula

Occupation: Police chemist

Affiliations: Sergeant Candy Kane

Enemies: Chameleon; (comic version) The Rooster; Slymme Fatale

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Captain Nice #1 "The Man Who Flies Like a Pigeon" (NBC, January 9th 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly (but scared of heights). Superhuman strength.

History: "Look! It's the man who flies around like an eagle. Look! It's the enemy of all things illegal. Look! At the muscles on those arms, they're like hammers. Look! It's the nut who run around in his pajamas. That's no nut boy, that's Captain Nice."

Carter Nash was a shy and retiring chemist working for the police who stumbled across a secret formula which gave him superpowers. Originally he planned for someone more daring and adventurous to drink the liquid and gain powers, but with no one else willing to take it (or even listen to him), and a supervillain called the Chameleon threatening the city, Carter finally felt he had no choice but to use it on himself. Having gained great powers, Carter put together a costume using an old leotard. His mother made him swear to fight evil or else he'd get a good spanking when he came home.

Comments: Created by Buck Henry.William Daniels played the lead role.

The TV show aired between January 9th 1967 and August 28th 1967, lasting a total of 15 episodes:

  1. The Man Who Flies Like a Pigeon

  2. How Sheik Can You Get?

  3. That Thing

  4. That Was the Bridge that Was

  5. The Man With Three Blue Eyes

  6. Is Big Town Burning?

  7. Don't Take Any Wooden Indians

  8. That's What Mothers Are For

  9. Whatever Lola Wants

  10. Who's Afraid of Amanda Woolf?

  11. The Week They Stole Payday

  12. Tastes OK But Something's Missing

  13. May I Have the Last Dance?

  14. One Rotten Apple

  15. Beware of Hidden Prophets

There was also a single issue of a Gold Key comic which accompanied the series.

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