Capitan Chile

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Adventurer; does publicity campaigns for TV to pay the bills

Affiliations: Lady Scorpion, Aracnoman, Chiko Xtremo (Xtreme Kid), Atilio Max

Enemies: Ozamu Bin Alien, Tragactus, Otakuland, Mentira Suprema (Supreme Lie)

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Pancho City, Chile

First Appearance: Misión Santiago (November 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Flight, superhuman strength and endurance

History: (Capitan Chile #1) Capitan Chile saved a pair of twin sisters from the evil alien Cyclops terrorist Ozamu Bin Alien.

(Capitan Chile #2) When the world ravenous Tragactus, gigantic alien with a serious eating disorder, threatened the planet, Capitan Chile ended the threat by helping him plan out his meals and finding him a herald to locate Tragactus' special snacks outside of Earth's solar system.

(Capitan Chile #3) When the children of Pancho City become addicted to violent and erotic Japanese comics and cartoons, Capitan Chile travelled to the origin of this threat, the evil Otakuland, and soundly thrashed the source of the problem.

(Capitan Chile #4) Finding newcomer Aracnoman (secretly the awkward exchange student Peter Potter) was beating him to catching all the city's crooks, the virtually jobless Capitan Chile decided to tell the interloper to depart...somewhat "energetically". Their confrontation was interupted by the appearance of Lady Scorpion.

(Capitan Chile #5) The smitten Capitan enjoyed a brief relationship with Lady Scorpion, but was heart-broken to discover she considered him a one-night stand. His rival Aracnoman provided a shoulder to cry on.

(Capitan Chile #6) Ozamu Bin Alien returned for a rematch, bringing a famous intergalactic fighter along to back him up, but even with this ally proved no match for Capitan Chile.

(Capitan Chile #7) Returning from a trip to Iraq, Capitan Chile learned his superheroing jobs have been stolen by evil fighters, creations of Valparaíso cartoonist Renzo Soto, and that he has been thrown out his home. Understandably the beleaguered hero hit a low, and briefly even ended up in jail.

(Capitan Chile #9) At his lowest ebb, Capitan Chile was saved by a vision of the King of Rock; meanwhile Chiko Xtremo looked after the unconscious Capitan's physical form.

(Capitan Chile #10) Capitan Chile prevented unscrupulous politician Joaquín Pastelín from giving away the Chilean sea to two foreign agents from a neighbouring country. While he was absent from Pancho City doing so, the Mentira Suprema manifested, and the hero returned home to find his city on sale to the highest bidder.

(Capitan Chile #11) Tired of political corruption in the mayor's office, Capitan Chile decided to run for the position himself, assisted by journalist Atilio Max.

(Capitan Chile #12) Civil unrest over unemployment, increasing fuel prices, and the like, led to riots, which Capitan Chile tried to halt; however the Pope's funeral was what finally ended the troubles. Visiting the Vatican to be present when the new Pope is chosen, Capitan Chile discovered an evil plan which might bring about the end of the world if not stopped.

Comments: Created by Cristian Díaz for Misión Santiago in November 2001, before moving on to his own, largely parody, title. Of the Capitan's foes, Ozamu Bin Alien is clearly based on real world terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Tragactus is a parody of Marvel's Galactus, Otakuland is Japan, and Aracnoman is Spider-Man. His home, Pancho City, is based on Valparaíso.

Capitan Chile #8 was a sidebar, an interlude from the ongoing story, showcasing parody versions of the Capitan done in the style of various famous comic book artists.

Thanks to Cristian Díaz for providing information and images on this character.

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