Captain Glory

Real Name: Captain Keltan



Affiliations: The Ninth Men

Enemies: Dr. Roag; General Ordiz

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and speed

History: An ancient race of men invented a machine called Genetron. The machine turned against them and wiped out their civilization. Eight times after that, civilizations sprang up. These civilizations would always find what remained of Genetron and rebuild it, not knowing what it was. Each time, it annihilated their civilization. Finally, the plant based civilization known as the Ninth Men came into being. Realizing that the cataclysm would soon overtake them selected three volunteers to survive. These were Captain Keltan aka Captain Glory who had super human strength and speed, Glyda aka Nightglyder who was a member of a race of flyers also called Nightglyders, and Bombast who had the ability to throw things with superhuman speed. They are placed in suspended animation while our society evolves. However, the ambitious Ninth men Dr. Roag and and General Ordiz also place themselves in suspended animation along with henchmen who had been given powers by a rebuilt Genetron. However, Genetron is able to use the Renegades who believe him to be their servant, for his own purposes. The Ninth Men themselves are eventually joined by Dr. Snark aka the Boojum, a scientist who was burned in an accident and thus saved in special pod by Roag and Ordiz. He is not subverted to their cause and is transformed into a monstrous creature who quotes Lewis Carol.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby.

Thanks to Nathan Genovese for providing me with this character's origin and powers.


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