Captain Freedom

Real Name:

Identity/Class: Human clone


Affiliations: The Liberty Corps

Enemies: The Hood

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance:

Powers/Abilities: Incredible willpower and physically perfect bodies at the peak of human condition. Their costumes helps insulate them from electric shock and from heat and cold.

History: Captain Freedom was a batch of clones made from the DNA of a famous (and deceased) scientist. They are scattered around the globe, including London, Paris and Hungary, promoting freedom and liberty, unaffiliated with any particular flag. One of them (pictured right) was the chief of security for an experimental underwater city, and battled the villainous Hood.

Comments: Thanks to Carycomix for informing me about the clone part of his origins, Andy Williams for additional information, and "RonZo" for corrections and further information.


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