The Caped Chameleon

Real Name:

First Appearance: The Tick





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: The Caped Chameleon is another of the crimefighters who populates the Tick's home city.

Powers/Abilities: The Caped Chameleon can blend into the background, but he can't do complicated stuff like plaid. Trying to do so causes him to faint. He also has the ability to cling to walls with the little suction cups on the ends of his digits. He is skilled in the art of wall crawling but and it takes a decent amount of force to pry him off of what he's clinging to. Along with the aforementioned powers, the Chameleon can also see in all directions with his bi-directional eyeballs.

Comments: Voiced in the cartoon by Rob Paulsen.


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