Captain Combat

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Acrobat

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: The Amalgamated Santa Clauses

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Star Studded Comics #1 (Superior Publications)

Powers/Abilities: No powers but he is a good fighter.

History: Taking part in a winter parade, an acrobat dressed as comic book hero Captain Combat. Afterwards, as he was getting changed, he overheard the Santa Claus who had been on another float addressing a gathering of the Amalgamated Santa Clauses, trying to convince them to join him on a spree robbing the houses they would invited into in the run up to Christmas. Deciding that if he was dressed as a hero he ought to play the part, Captain Combat tried to stop them, but the lead Santa blew a bubble from a pipe that burst in the hero's face, releasing a gas that swiftly rendered him unconscious. This convinced the other Santas to sign up. The lead Santa then loaded Captain Combat in a sack, drove to the frozen river, and dropped him in through a crack in the ice. However, the cold shock woke the acrobat, and he managed to reach safety. Noting that he never did like crime or criminals, he proclaimed that after this he was going to declare a one-man war on crime, and one criminal in particular. He swiftly caught one Santa as the crook was exiting a house, capturing him and discovering that the house's butler was dead, much to the robber's shock. Captain Combat realised that lead Santa had demonstrated his plan using a knock-out gas, but had secretly given his confederates a lethal version to ensure no witnesses could lead back to them. Unhappy to discover he had been tricked into committing murder and might face the death penality, the captured Santa let Captain Combat take his costume and gave the address where the Santas were all meant to take their loot. At the meeting Captain Combat dropped his disguise, and the lead Santa unleashed several bubbles containing the lethal gas, intending to kill both the heroes and his lackeys, but Captain Combat kicked a table into his gut as he was about to blow another bubble from his pipe. The impact made the Santa instinctely gasp, drawing the poison down the pipe and into his mouth, killing him instantly.

Comments: Created by by John Giunta.

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