Canada Jack

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Crimefighter and adventurer

Affiliations: The Canada Jack Club, Professor Whitby, RCMP

Enemies: Black marketeers, Nazi saboteurs and fifth columnists, Snyder

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Canada

First Appearance: Canadian Heroes volume 1, #5 (Educational Projects of Montreal, March 1943)

Powers/Abilities: Canada Jack is at peak human fitness, as strong and agile as a normal human can be. He is acrobatic and a skilled gymnast. He is conversant with ju-jitsu and possibly other martial arts. He is also an expert horse rider.

Extra strong and athletic; gymnast, ju-jitsu expert, expert horseman and pilot.

History: Canada Jack was an athlete and adventurer who decided to use his prowess to combat crime and fifth columnists during the Second World War, to act as a symbol for his nation against the ruthless cruelty of the Axis powers. He set up his own club, the Canada Jack Club, to encourage the youth of his nation to engage in useful and patriotic activities, and often used this network as a source of information, alerting him to enemy activity. During his career he combatted Nazi arsonists, black marketeers, shipyard saboteurs, and escaped P.O.W.s. After a while, the enemy began to specifically target him for disrupting their activities. Jack only ventured outside of Canada once, when he used an experimental plane to fly to South America and tackle Nazis there!

Comments: Created by George Menendez Rae.

Canada Jack appeared in 26 issues of Canadian Heroes (Volume 1, #1 to Volume 5, #6) between March 1943 and October 1945. He very briefly had his own title when some of his adventures were reprinted in 1945 as "Thrilling Adventures of Canada Jack". That same year Educational Projects stopped publishing comics, and Canada Jack therefore quit fighting crime.

Though the image above doesn't clearly depict it, the patriotic hero had a maple leaf emblem on the chest of his costume.

There is an excellent feature on this character on the Guardians of the North website.

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