Cabellero Rojo (Red Knight)

Real Name: ? Reinoso

Identity/Class: Normal human, highly trained and employs advanced weaponry

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Federal Commisioner Police Inspector Eduardo Meneses

Enemies: Terror (superstrong assassin); Francotirador (psychotic assassin)

Known Relatives: Aníbal Reinoso (grandfather); Humberto Reinoso (father)

Aliases: Caballero Rojo 34.

Base of Operations: A church in Buenos Aires

First Appearance: Comiqueando #24

Powers/Abilities: Very acrobatic, employs some sort of grappling line to swing between buildings. Uses smoke bombs and throwing baldes.

Caballero Rojo 33, the current hero's grandfatherHistory: The Caballero Rojo is the inheritor of 900 years of tradition, of a masked paladin of justice known as The Caballero Rojo. In the 1940's the current incumbant's grandfather was the last to hold the name. Crippled in the 1950s by a bullet to the spine, he was disappointed when his son Humberto decided not to take up the family tradition (largely because of his father being injured). However his grandson had a different attitude, and the wheel-chair bound former superhero secretly trained him from an early age. Now a modern version of this hero has arisen to defend the innocent of Argentina, the 34th man to don the mantle of the Caballero Rojo.

Comments: Created by T.Torres and M. Navarro.

Cabelerro Rojo translates more literally as "Red Horseman", but I've been assured Red Knight is more in keeping with the character.

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