Real Name: Vanda Emanuelle

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: (as Vanda Emanuelle) journalist for the Tribuna Diária (Daily Tribune)

Affiliations: ex-member of Bio Força (ex-Natal Legion), former apprentice of Bestial, Joiran (ghost friend) and some golems as Arika and Haiti.

Enemies: Bestial Arcano, Absalão, Caos.

Known Relatives: Arcano (cousin), Guinevere (mother), Lancelot (father)

Aliases: Vanda Emanuelle (alias used in comics BIO47 & Brado Retumbante), Emanuelle Samarkan, Wanessa (current alias)

Base of Operations: Brazil; formerly resided in various parts of the world over her lengthy lifespan

First Appearance: BIO47 N° 2

Powers/Abilities: Above average strength and speed. Martial arts and military knowledge, arcane spells and Jewish cabal understanding, levitation. Limited ability to teleport.

History: Few people know that, just as King Arthur had a bastard son, Mordred, from his union with Morgana Le Fey, Lancelot had a daughter with Guinevere, while they were at Sorelois and Arthur was with the false Guinevere. The false Guinevere and her knight Bertholai finally admitted their fraud and, after her death, the true Guinevere was returned to Arthur, but not her daughter! The child, along with the broken remains of the sword Caliburn (later known as Excalibur), was taken overseas by Kabbalists and raised in Judea. As an adult she wandered the world facing multiple threats and assuming various identities until today. For a time she led the Brazilian team Bio Força.

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