Bucky O'Hare

Real Name: Bucky O'Hare

Identity/Class: Humanoid rabbit

Occupation: Spaceship Captain

Affiliations: Crew of the Righteous Indignation - Jenny, Deadeye Duck, Bruiser, Blinky; Willy Duwitt

Enemies: Komplex; Toadborg and The Amphibians, Al Negator

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: The Righteous Indignation

First Appearance: Echo of Futurepast (Graphic Novel, 1984)


History: Bucky O'Hare was the captain of the spaceship Righteous Indignation. His crew consisted of a “witchcat” named Jenny, sharpshooting and foul-tempered Deadeye Duck, a big ape named Bruiser, and a one-eyed android named Blinky. Together, the crew patrolled the Aniverse, an alternate world devoid of human beings, keeping the skies safe from the evil amphibians of the planet Genus and their cyborg toad leader, Toadborg. When his vessel was severely damaged during a battle, Bucky was forced to activate his ship's Photon Accelerator. Simultanously on Earth, a young genius, Willy Duwitt, activated a similar device, and a doorway was created to our dimension. Bucky and his crew retreated to our world, pursued by their enemies. With the assistance of Willy they attempted to fix their transportation and return home.

Comments: Created by Larry Hama and Michael Golden.

"Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars" started as a comic book about the aforementioned individual and his crew who fought toads in an intergalactic space war. In 1989 it became a TV show and in 1991 Hasbro released a series of 10 figures. Bucky returned to his original medium as a member of the Continuity stable of comics around the same time. He's had a Nintendo game based on him, and an Arcade game, based on the cartoon (see below) which even used some of the voices from the series (thanks to "Paul" for this last).

Bucky's original graphic novel was complex and often extremely violent, but in spite of this, when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, likewise based on a comic, became an unprecedented success, Bucky was also adapted for children's Saturday morning cartoons. Marvel and Sunbow commissioned twelve episodes of Bucky O’Hare and The Toad Wars, airing them in syndication in 1991. The comic also had the human character Willy DuWitt unable to return to Earth, whereas the cartoon had him able to go back and forth. The animated series carried on the complex storylines of the graphic novel, but it proved too much for younger viewers. The twelve original episodes were the only ones ever produced.

Thanks to Paul Tallowin for sending me corrections about the names of Bucky's foes, and Liam Toner for other amendments.


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