Brother Power

Real Name: Seth Amun Ra

Identity/Class: God

Occupation: Archeologist, Sorcerer, adventurer

Affiliations: Egyptian Gods

Enemies: Master Midnight

Known Relatives: Isis (mother); Osiris (father), Horus (brother), Set (uncle), Nut (grandmother), Ra (grandfather)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Mobile worldwide

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Brother Power possesses great physical strength enabling him to lift (press) 50 tons without the use of his sorcery. Brother Power possesses the conventional attributes of his race as well as many special abilities developed through millennia of rigorous discipline. Brother Power can levitate himself by mentally manipulating gravitons around his body. Brother Power can fly via self-levitation at approximately 400 miles per hour. Brother Power can also teleport himself through the use of the Belt of Power, given to him by his grandmother Nut. However, Brother Power finds teleportation most unpleasant, so he only employs it in extreme situations. The extent of Brother Powers abilities in the field of sorcery has yet to be determined.

History: In the time when the Earth was still in its infancy, and humans worshipped many different deities, the Gods of myth and legend became bored and decided to have a contest to establish among themselves who was the supreme deity. Gathering together in the Celestial Citadel, each of the Gods decided to journey to Earth and mate with the humans. The children that resulted in this joining would be bestowed immortality and powers that would make them perfect pawns in "The Game". Osiris and Isis, however, found the game unappealing.

Together they sired a male child and named him Seth. Ra, the all powerful sun god set Seth before all others in his court, which infuriated Set, the serpentine brother of Osiris. Ra offered to make Seth pharoah over the humans, but declined the offer. Seth then nominated his younger brother Horus to become pharoah in his stead. This action pleased his grandfather and other members of the Egyptian high court. Ra, seeing a great worth in Seth sent his grandson to Earth to watch over and guide the half-human children the Gods had sired. Seth, once on Earth, formed a brotherhood of light in honor of his grandfather. Seth decided that the "game" to declare superiority over the gods was beneath him or his grandfather, so he erected a temple and welcomed all of the children of Ra to seek enlightenment rather than shed blood. Ra was most displeased with Seth's actions but accepted them finally.

Many thousands of years passed and a wandering stranger happened upon the temple, seeking asylum. The stranger had identified himself as Yang Chi, a nomad from Asia. Seth befriended the stranger, believing that he came seeking enlightenment. For many months, Yang Chi and Seth would spend hours talking and sharing philosophical views. After a time, Seth felt that it was time that Yang Chi learn the ways of his people and charged him with the task of maintaining the sacred Well of Ra. The Well of Ra was where the half human children of Ra had to drink from every 100 years in order to sustain their immortality. Seth, being a 'true god' had no need to drink from the well in order to sustain his own immortality. Yang Chi questioned what would happen if the children of Ra did not drink at their appointed time. Seth explained that their bodies would wither and be reduced to dust and their life energies and knowledge would be passed on to the nearest living thing. One day, Yang Chi approached Seth with dire news that the people of his province were under siege by a powerful warlord known as Kubla Khan. Yang Chi implored Seth to go out and help his people. Seth agreed to the request and set out for the region known as Outer Mongolia.

In his absence, Yang Chi drank deeply from the well and his body underwent a painful transformation. He was restored his youth and became immortal. He then gathered up the scrolls of the ancients and the sacred Tanis Root, the source of the well's restorative power. He then proceeded to destroy the well, moments before the children of Ra were to drink from it. With the well destroyed, the children died violently and their life energies were passed on to Yang Chi, making him nearly as powerful as Seth. He destroyed the temple and left to resume his dream of conquering the world.

After defeating Kubla Khan and his forces, Seth returned to find his temple in ruins. Horus appeared before his older brother and explained what had happened. Furious and filled with revenge, Seth set out to hunt down and destroy Yang Chi for what he had done. Horus, Isis and Osiris also informed Seth that Set and Anubis, because of their petty jealousy had secretly conspired with Yang Chi in order to destroy the temple. They bestowed upon Seth, the Sword of Ra, a weapon so powerful, that it was feared by even the gods themselves. Nut, the mother of all the Egyptian gods also appeared before Seth and bequeathed upon him the Belt of Power. This belt not only amplified his strength and wisdom, but it also gave him knowledge of Egyptian sorcery to use in his battles with the forces of evil. From that day forward, Seth assumed the name of Brother Power and became a protector of the innocent, a destroyer of the wicked and a hunter of the man who would come to be known as Master Midnight.

Comments: Created by Wm. Joseph Warner. Text covering origin and powers taken straight from the Worldwinz Studios site. Thanks to Wm. Joseph Warner for informing me of this character and pointing me to the site.

Thanks to Kelvin green for additional clarifications.

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