Brok Windsor

Real Name: Brok Windsor

Identity/Class: Normal human (?)

Occupation: Medical doctor, explorer

Affiliations: Torgon

Enemies: Monstrons, the Horned Lions of Ganshee Valley

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Northern Canada

First Appearance: Better Comics #3 (Maple Leaf Publishing, April 1944)

Powers/Abilities: Stands at over seven feet tall, and possesses superhuman strength. Travels in a zipcar. Excellent fighter, skilled in wilderness survival. Speaks multiple languages.

History: Dr. Brok Windsor customarily spent part of his summers vacationing in the wilderness around the Lake of the Woods, on the border between Ontario, Manitoba and Minnesota. During one of these trips he spotted a strange mist, too dense to see through, and, intrigued, decided to sail through it and explore whatever lay beyond. A lengthy journey in the mists ended with the discovery of a large island just before nightfall. After sleeping on the shore Brok awoke the next day to discover he had grown to over seven foot tall, and he soon encountered a raygun-carrying First Nations native, Torgon, who towers over him at a stunning twelve foot. Finding that Torgon's language is similar enough to the native tongues he already knows to allow them to converse, Brok befriended the giant, discovering his new friend was son of the Great Chief of a lost, technologically advanced, native tribe, and that the island causes humans to grow until it kills them, unless, like Torgon's people, they have drunk from the Blue Spring at the Haunted Rocks of Antigrowth. Torgon led Brok on the arduous trip to reach the spring, across a land filled with strange and dangerous creatures.

Comments: Created by John Stables (a.k.a. John St. Ables).

Brok calls his ally Torgon "Mon Ami" after Torgon saves his life, suggesting Brok may be French-Canadian.

Brok's adventures were collected and reprinted in 2015 by comics historian Hope Nicholson.

Thanks to Mac Murdock for providing information regarding Brok's history and first appearance.


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