Breeze in her initial Knights armourReal Name: Breeze James

First Appearance: Knights of Pendragon

Identity/Class: Human, mutated by magic

Occupation: Reporter

Affiliations: The Knights of Pendragon

Enemies: Mys-Tech; the Bane

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Great Britain

Breeze as a speedsterHistory: Breeze James was a reporter hired by Mys-Tech to find out as much as she could about the Knights of Pendragon. When she found them, she activated a signal device she had been given which drew the assassin Magpie to them. Realising she had been duped, Breeze accompanied the Pendragon's back to their headquarters, where she revealed she had been given a vision of a disaster about to happen in Scotland. While the team were dealing with that, Breeze had the revelation that she had been given Pendragon powers too by the Green Knight, and she joined the team upon their return.

Powers/Abilities: Initially Breeze had the same powers as the rest of the Pendragons: heightened strength and senses. When each of the Pendragons gained more individualistic powers, she became a superspeedster.

Comments: Thanks to Barry for informing who hired Breeze to investigate the Knights.


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