Real Name: Andrade da Silva Santos

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Superhero - no other job.

Affiliations: Tropa de Heróis (Troop of Heroes - Esquentado, Brasil, Lunar [Moon], General Triplo [General Triple], Luz [Light], Tubarão [Shark] and Relâmpago Metálico [Metallic Lightning])

Enemies: Unknown...some politicians maybe.

Known Relatives: Henrique (brother, the original Brasil, deceased), unnamed father

Aliases: once called Vingador Brasileiro (Brazilian Avenger)

Base of Operations: Brazil

First Appearance: fanzine Game Over #1 (1992)

Powers/Abilities: Super strength, able to fly

History: Andrade and Henrique Santos were the sons of a politician in a small city in the north of Brazil. When their father was killed for being considered "too honest", this brutal act of injustice made the brothers seek justice disguised by costumed identities - Henrique as Brasil and his brother Andrade as Vingador Brasileiro. Later, Henrique died while fighting criminals and Andrade took the costume of Brasil in memory of his courageous brother.

At some point Andrade submitted to a radiation test which granted him his superpowers (I'm unclear as to whether this was before or after he started his costumed career).

Comments: Created by Lico Mota, who provided much of the information in this profile.

The character was originally created to act as a villain since he was a rebel that wanted revenge against those politicians who killed his father, but the readers wanted him acting as a hero since he wore the colours of brazilian flag. So he became a hero, though one with a hard temper to control. He is rarely in a good mood.

He doesn´t like to be called "Capitain" Brazil. As Lico notes "He was never in the army before, so there's no reason to call him "Capitain" (a joke with the name of the "captains" that followed Capitain America after his creation)."

Thanks to Mestre Chen for informing me of this character and providing images of him.


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