Brain Boy

Real Name: Matt Price

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Agent of the U.S. Secret Service; anthropology student

Affiliations: Chris Ambers (boss)

Enemies: The Eerown (microscopic alien invaders); Ricorta

Known Relatives: Matt Price (father, deceased); Mary Price (mother)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Mobile.

First Appearance: Brain Boy #1330 (Dell Comics, April 1962 - n.b. #1330 was the first issue, with the next being numbered #2 - why? Who knows?)

Powers/Abilities: Telepathy, able to fly, able to control minds.

History: When Matt and Mary Price's car suffers a tire blow out, it spins off the road into an electrical tower. The severed power cables swiftly electrocute Matt, but Mary somehow survives, Pregnant at the time, Mary gives birth two months later, she names her son after his father, only to have the newborn answer her in perfect English. Matt grows up superintelligent, but smart enough to hide this, at least until his senior prom when Chris Ambers approaches him, and tricks him into revealing his telepathic powers. Ambers explains that he works for a secret government agency, and that he wishes to recruit Matt, his "brain boy", into the organisation.

Brain Boy is sent into situations where the communists and other enemies of freedom are using their own telepathic agents against the West.

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