Boris the Bear

Real Name: Boris the Bear

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Comics collector, would-be superhero, adventurer

AffiliationsSouthern Squadron, G.I.Joseph, The Really Strong Thunder God, Dave Summerton, Professor Peter Summerton; former member of the Weekend Warriors, Critter Patrol

Enemies: Wacky Squirrel, Rufus

Known Relatives: Wacky Squirrel (prototype and thus kind of his elder brother)

Aliases: Bobbie, The Punishbear, Boris T. Bear, Batbear, Beardevil, Blackbear

Base of Operations: Rose City, Oregon

First Appearance: Boris the Bear #1

Powers/Abilities: None

History: After his son and daughter-in-law died in a plane crash, Professor Peter Summerton took over bringing up his grandson Dave, but became increasingly concerned that the boy was not coping with his loss and was increasingly withdrawing into himself. Inspired by the discovery of a Bobbie Bear comic, the Professor built a robotic teddy bear, "Bobbie," hoping it might somehow comfort Dave. However an overly curious neighbour, George, accidentally set off an explosion, which disrupted Bobbie's circuits, somehow bringing him to sentient life. He renamed himself Boris, swiftly developing a distinctive personality. Ironically, this twist of fate also made him the very companion Dave needed; Boris became his best friend, drawing him back out of his shell. Dave shared his love of comics with Boris, who became an avid collector, soon forcing him to move into a modified treehouse in the Summerton's garden to accommodate his growing collection.

Since then Boris has had numerous adventures, the strongly opinionated bear never one to back down in the face of a problem or confrontation.

(Untitled, Dark Horse Presents #64, August 1992.) Boris discovers that the world is gradually changing around him in subtle ways, but it is only after an unwanted visit from Wacky Squirrel that he manages to place his finger on it - he is back in a Dark Horse Comic!

Comments: Created by James Dean Smith.

Boris first appeared in his own Dark Horse title, which moved to Nicotat Comics with #13, and finally ended with #34. He also had strips in Dark Horse Presents #3, 4 and 64. The first three issues of his title (and the DHP strips in #3 and 4) were reprinted in color in Dark Horse's Boris the Bear: Instant Color Classics, and Dark Horse also printed two spin-off issues featuring Boris' supporting character, Wacky Squirrel #1 and Wacky Squirrel Summer Fun Special. In the mid-1990s Nicotat brought Boris back in Boris' Adventure Magazine, lasting 4 issues, and most recently he has been revived by Oasis Comics with a new Boris the Bear #1. In the first issue of Boris' original title, he slaughtered innumerable parody versions of "funny animal" characters from other series; in response some of the victims gave Boris his comeuppance in Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters #6 and Laffin' Gas #5.


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