Mr. Bones

Real Name: Unrevealed - Bones appears to be his genuine surname

Identity/Class: Unrevealed

Occupation: Horror host, butler of Ghost Manor

Affiliations: Farnham Farr (former employer)

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Farr Manor, a.k.a. Ghost Manor

First Appearance: Ghost Manor#1 (Charlton Comics, 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled raconteur of macabre tales.

History: Farr Manor was constructed in 1833 on the orders of wealthy young aristocrat Farnham Farr, a ruthless man used to getting what he wanted. Farr had a secret soundproofed room constructed by the master carpenter Carl Jones construct before murdering the craftsman to ensure Jones told no one else of its existence. Mr. Bones became Farr Manor's butler almost immediately after construction was completed, shortly before Farr's scheduled wedding day, as Farr had also blackmailed the beautiful Agatha Brown into promising to marry him by holding her father's debts over her. On the day of the wedding Mr. Bones welcomed the guests to the Manor, but the ceremony never took place, as the ghost of Carl Jones trapped Farr in the secret room. With no one able to hear his screams, Farr spent the rest of his (presumably short) life in the room, and afterwards his tortured ghost continued to haunt it, forever trapped with only his victim's ghost to keep him company. Farr Manor soon became nicknamed Ghost Manor by the locals, as Farr's screams, inaudible to those outside the soundproofed room when he was alive, could be heard at night even outside the manor once he passed away. Perhaps aware of Farr's predicament from the outset, and certainly aware of the details later, Mr. Bones remained resident in the house, and delighted in telling terrifying tales to anyone who encountered him.

Comments: Even in his origin story in Ghost Manor#1 (detailed above), Mr. Bones is apparently not a normal human, as he has his pale blue complexion while still working for Farr; bizarrely, no one seems in the least bit phased by this unusual appearance.


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